Black History Month

Black History Month Black Inventors Video: Inventions by African Americans You Use in Daily Life

Black Inventors Video: Inventions by African Americans You Use in Daily Life

By Alexis Stodghill
Posted Feb 4th 2011 2:59PM
Black Inventors
Every day you use something that was invented or perfected by an African American inventor. Most people don't realize that when they pick up their cell phone to make a call, or use a microphone to sing karaoke, a black mind was behind the device that enables them to make the most of their day.

Surprised? You are not the only one. Most people don't know that inventions ranging from complex devices to common household goods were invented by African Americans. Watch the video below to learn more about black inventors and their contributions to the world. You'll be as amazed as the people we encountered. Recognizing black inventors is a very special part of celebrating Black History Month 2011.

To learn even more about black inventors and their incredibly diverse creations, visit (Pictured above: Dr. Shirley Jackson, first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. from MIT and contributor to the creation of caller I.D.; Fred Jones, inventor of the refrigerated truck among other devices; Henry T. Sampson, co-inventor and patent holder of the gamma-electric cell, which makes cell phones possible.)


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all go back to Africa and help their people to get better and have better. Do better grow as one and really get to the roots and their past that was so so so taken from them instead of keep fusing over what was lost , taken and now wanting to take more and more and then separate your selves from the rest of the world since I keep reading whitie is so so so the devil and evil and just steals from all , I mean have you not stopped and asked all other races, ethnics as well what do they think of you , why do they not like you????? I will say certain people not all. But in every race there is ones we strongly dislike. but all the crap I keep reading is really starting to piss me off and disgust me to no end. And no I do not feel monies , land, own language, check for life money like the Jews got should be given hell no. Jews were treated the worst out of anyone on the planet. THE WORST> the horrors the pictures, vidoes I have seen that are real and proof that so many AA I have read and heard say they are liars they made it up. You can not make that up. Why would someone be so stupid to think the jews made it up. When there are Germans who admit to having done it???????????????????????????????yeah I do wish I could go back in time I really do and stop it from every happening one it was wrong, two I am sick of hearing it, seeing it, and getting treated like ****, and I did not have nothing to do with it and when I say I was treated different or lost a job or whatever due to skin color I get looked at like damn it can not happen to you or anyone else prejudice only happens to AA, discrimination only happens to AA. is sad that my family every generation has fought for our freedom as a country. And this , this **** is making and pissing people off so badly they want to leave USA and go else where. I have always always been told know, learn your history if not you are doomed to repeat it. What do you think that means?

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So, in reading on here and other sites meant for AA education of this issue. You are saying that no other race has invented anything??? That only the blacks invented all that we see and use, eat, etc, drive???? BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now you are saying egyptain are Black? NO they are not all black but I am sure the ones that invented, created things those ones were black??? Is that what is being said and taught to our youth.? Ok I see it like this it is a lie, A huge lie, I also see that is farming growing cooking inventions so so so large and only blacks could do this on their own. then why is Africa still same as it was like time has stood still? Why have they the same gene pool you come from why do they not have all the wonders we have here why have they not more evolved? Why are so many dying everyday and unimmunized? HMM but wait I guess only a black man invented the vaccines as well? Funny though how no one else has done anything. I still am a believer you say want money from being sold by your own people to come here. Then if you care so much about where you come from and your people and roots. Then why not take all this knowledge and money and inventions and go back to Africa and make it what is should have been so so so so long ago????????????? Just like I like to craped when saw the thing on the white house was designed and built by black man, IT WAS NOT> and then I have read on other sites why it is called the white house like a slap in AA face. Well if it was so as what you say then why would a AA man build design it and call it white? You know I have wondered all my life growing up how people could be so mean and be prejudice and well I am starting to see now after almost 40 years. I see it now. And see the fact what I have read on black women are unmarried, hardly ever married. Then read more lies, that White man invented AIDS, gave to AA, white man invented drugs and gave and made black man use them, kill their own people over them and sell them and make major money off it??? White man dumbs up black man and makes them have lower test scores. White man is reason that blacks have any disease, and is obese. White man has made them not accomplish education that is given freaking free!!!!!!!! and i cant not get **** for education to better myself without going in debt. All I do cost out the ass but everyone else should get a ride?? I see land, seperate laws, seperate courts, and schools, and land etc and money a check for every person for life should be done and given Does anyone not realize what that is?? That is how life use to be and those who made it that way were prejudice!! So now that they are yelling that is what they want and deserve that is not prejudice???well other generations brought here after their own people sold them and they knew what they were doing. So, My questions is why the hell don't the ones who want this and that make a trade off then all the whites leave Africa ALL OF THEM and come back here and all theAA

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Black Economic Empowerment 101

Black Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are still trying to innovate in 2011. We are th salvation for the Black Community. Our unique gifts must be developed and supported by the Black Community, because the government at every level has unwritten plans that limit African American Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs access to capital. Where are our AT&T, Coca Cola, Google, Facebook and Apples? It's not because we don't have the ideas and innovations. Our Black Leadership often focuses on Non-Economic Empowerment Issues. They help maintain us within our current conditions of poverty as repayment for getting elected. Their actions speak for themselves.

We as Black African Americans have everything we need to empower ourselves, except the Collective WIil to do so. We remain divided by our religions, politics, ignorance, class and self hatred. All of this can be corrected within six months with the right leadership.

To do so, we must make Economic Development our number one priority. The Black Community should make an effort to identify inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs within their community and select those who agree to operate without GREED. They should collectively pool $5 and $10 to create a Venture Capital Company and provide seed funding for incubator space, design and patent fees and the manufacturing. They should form Economic Development Partnerships with African Colleges and Universities that have science, engineering and technology programs. They should identify and train inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, regardless of their race, who will create businesses within their communities, hire their people first and build factories to manufacture, warehouse and retail the products and service.

A percentage of the taxes collected from the sale of those products and services and wages should be used to continue this "Economic Development and Empowerment Process". This must be done without GREED! 25% of Something is better than 100% of Nothing. The Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor, Worker, Politician and Community must take a pledge to avoid GREED. Greed defined: When Enough is Never Enough.


Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Lover of Human Kind
Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation

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Black people are the master builders and designers, when discrimination and predjudice takes place against us
tecnology slows down. look at how far America has fallen since this country has pushed the Black man back and allowed immigrants to take the place of the Black race in this country. The new wave of descrimination has caused America to fall behind in the world . China has taken our place. I have nothing against immigrants, it's just that the Black man is once again sitting at the back of the bus. The immigrants are bringing a new wave of descrimination to this country in the form of, we hire our own, and train them on the job, regardless as to how much you know. Immigrants do not hire American born Blacks. Rome, Greece,Egypt, and the White House were designed and built by the Black race.

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Yes I have a brother that is a designer, he has designed more products than any one can count . Produces that you see every day in the stores... he is willing to display them.

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There is no excuse for us to not know our history. With the internet available why are we waiting for someone to point out to us what we have done and are doing. I send out Black History tidbits every February to my email network. However, I also send out websites where they can see what Blacks have and are accomplishing. It's on you to learn and teach your children. Here's a website for starters. Peace and blessings my people.

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I love doing black history, and I agree with you. We have invented a lot of things or that we should be responsible for a lot of things.

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