Black History Month

Black History Month Vintage Racist Ads: How Vintage Racist Advertisements Feed Black Stereotypes Today

Vintage Racist Ads: How Vintage Racist Advertisements Feed Black Stereotypes Today

By Alexis Stodghill
Posted Jan 19th 2011 4:44PM

Negative images of African Americans persist in the media today -- even in "post race" America -- because these images have a long, deep history. Over the many generations that blacks have been part of American society, we have been stereotyped as childish, ape-like and servile. While many aspects of our culture have grown and evolved, you will still find current examples of these antiquated beliefs about blacks expressed in less obvious forms. There always seems to be an eager audience hungry to perceive the black community as inferior, and image makers and entertainers alike are still ready to please them to make a dollar.

What forms do the racist images of the past take on today, and what are some of the entitities responsible for perpetuating them? View the gallery below to see how far we have come, and how much farther we have to go, to cleanse our national soul of the stereotypes many still hold of African Americans.

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Have any one ever notice the stereotype that the media have about black men and women lately. The picture hollywood have of blk women they louded mouth, angry, sassy and majority of them are single. The blk man is always some buffoonery behavior brother, thug out, and louded mouth. The sad part about it I think a lot of blacks see theirselves that way. In the late 80's and early 90's when blk ppl was playing well off lawyers, doctors, higher up business or office workers. I use to always hear, black ppl don't act like that, or the cosby show don't show real blk ppl. The shows then said that we can be whatever we want to be and gave us some insight, but we wanted to keep it real. First and foremost television is for entertainment purposes only. I made that known to my children when they first started watching tv. I think a lot of times some blk people are so insecure that we have the need to see someone just like us or doing worse so we can idenify with them. What about thinking above and beyond. I don't care to see or read about some ghetto type crap that I already know first hand about. I know how to be broke, how to survive in the projects, how to have sex and not a cent to help take care of the children. I love when Denzel Washington make movies because the brother is always 99.9% of the time positive. As long as we let hollywood tell our life they will always represent us the way they see us and we will always accept the roles because hey its money and I don't much blame us on that end. when we stop showing up at the movies patronizing these kind of films thats when it will change. I do my best not to put my television on channels that have those kind of shows because I don't want them to have my rating. I know I am just one person out of a million people, but we got to start somewhere. and hopefully a million more feel the same way I do. I will put it on the weather channel or the history channel first. I do support OWN because oprah is not going to put that kind of stupidity on her channel. I believe that is the reason oprah haven't supported a lot of things because they are stupid. Remember we can't do what we see the white man doing as of yet because we are too far behind. We have to continue to work on ourselves and each other and when that day arrive is when we as a people will feel equal.

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Divine Peace and Blessings to All, I spent days and days collecting Americanized Images of Black People. I made my collection part of my 'Spiritual Talisman.' Please DO NOT forget the LYNCHINGS of Black Folks 'HANGING' by their necks from 'American Trees' like seed pods! PLEASE lend 'Sacred Time' to the study of the so-call GREAT PLANTATIONS OF AMERICA, this era and trace your economic AMERICAN INHERITANCE TO THIS DAY! It is hard to imagine that in the American 'Carolinas' over two thousand PLANTATIONS once existed! It has always 'AMAZED' me how 'Black Folks' allow Ol' Massa (the ruling white classes of America) to save our BLACK SOULS with 'Ol' Massas CHRISITANITY; that they conveniately STOLE from PAGANISM; renamed, while MURDERING US with the same white lips, white psychology and TOOLS OF DEATH!! Over THIRTY MILLION BLACK FOLKS WAS MURDERED IN AMERICA, yet, Ol' Massa's schools taught me about the Jews in Autswicz; interesting? If you want to go on a 'Mental Trip' STUDY and VIEW the INSTRUMENTS of PERSECUTION AND BONDAGE used on Black Folks during SLAVERY and compare those with the PSYCHOLOGICAL results of 'Bling' and PANTS HALF-WAY DOWN OUR BUTS? Study our 'Black Representations' of OURSELVES down through American history to this day! Please do not 'forget' the 'conkaline' to the way we MIMICK 'White Miss Ann's "ASS PASS GAMES OF TODAY.." I WILL get 'Out of AMERICA what I need via my ASS>NOT MY MIND, INTERESTING!! Today 'Black Women' are so into the 'ASS PASS GAMES of WHITE WOMEN' until they can no longer cook, do not have time to raise their children, we throw our hands in the air, spread our fingers and PLAY the 'DIZZY BITCH-ROLE, SO ON AND SO ON! DID THE american school systems EVER really TEACH US black history (..a statement to be 'reasoned'!)? WHAT DO YOU think? BUT, THROUGH IT all, DON'T FORGET the 'thousands of Blackbirds and other animals that are related; that keep dying; For 'what' you see may be our last PERFORMANCE OF LIFE on OL' MASSAS STAGE>AMERICA and the WORLD!! Departing IN DIVINE PEACE AND AWARENESS!!

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Oh quit bitchin my brothers and sisters. Iffen weez gonna keep talkin like dis here (like a LOT of us still do!!) an actin' like crazy niggahs (just look at some of our wonderful RICH rap artists talkin bout strugglin by and all that ****....then ****!) then how we gonna end dis here prob-blem. Yup, we talked bettah and acted bettah back in the 60's when MLK was a fighten foe us. I am a well educated black man and I totally RESENT when I'm anywhere and see our people actin like FOOLS. No wonder whitey still has a leg up on us. So when we gonna stop dis actin up ****? I hate it when my younger brothers and sisters who are even more educated then I am start acting like Amos and Andy and Beaulah. Cut it out, we make OURSELVES look like FOOLS!

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Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Black faces would still be exploited as it is today. There is so much inter-racial mixing that there is likely no one PURE race of people including Black People. Our Black men and now Black women are going to the otherside for whatever the reason. But like most things that are not good they soon lose their luster and end up with the trash on the curb ( TIGER WOODS ) This is nothing now a days. Alot of white women have long left their white men to be with a BLACK MAN he is masculine and a far cry from being a whimp. If showing faces remind you of anything TRUST me it awakens something in the white soul as well as the black heart. I am proud to be a Black Woman and I would give nothing in the WORLD to trade my color in for another...

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Mr. A.L. Solomon

Negro sterotypes will live forever as bad as I hate to say it. In spite of what our generations of Black families have been through most of us still jump threw the White man's hoop and don't think about it because of our life styles and what the Back media says is right. I am a Black man living in San Deigo, I am known because of the restaraunt I work at as the senior chef ( Phil's BBQ ). I have lost someone that I wanted to have for a long time, but because I do not carry myself like Rick Ross, Flavor Flav, Im not concidered to be Black. It really hurts to see my people still living in the past that should be forgotten. But its never gonna end, bummer. Guess that's why I have learned to apreciate who I am and the way I am, a Black man in America. Not a porch monkey.. no offense to anyone, but if you're like me, that **** hurts to loose a Black woman. because you don't say " What's up *****", as a form of greeting..

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It has not stopped and it will not stop, sadly. The legacy of slavery will live forever. It is sad. I hear this filthy kind of talk among all people inclding ours. They do not have to call the word "******." Just treat us like institutional garbage.

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Shelia Rene

Applauding Donna!!! Very well stated. My sentiments EXACTLY!!! You go girl!!! If only more of black people would just wake up and smell the coffee. Its so simple to understand.

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Peace Princess

Wow, but sadly and yes, unfortunately, there are more " Black Stereotyping in 2011 ", on a different selling level, for instance, Lorri Suzanne Williams has hateful, discriminatory, and racist magnets, which are sold daily and listed on ebay.

I have expressed my concerns to ebay regarding Lorri's magnets, which should become banned because these magnets are offensive and not cute as Lorri states on her site.

However, nothing was done, so --daily -- Lorri finds great pleasure in mocking and making money off of these magnets -- Black Americana -- Mammy and other Black images that displays mocked images and broken English language, which Lorri calls so cute...

Do not get me wrong, I love Mammy-Big Mama(s) as we called these strong women because without any doubts, these wonderful women was the backbone of our families during and after enslavement, but to make mockery by selling these great women image is disgraceful, hurtful, racist, and not cute at all, but a disappointment by Lorri and ebay.

Goggle --- Lorri Suzanne Williams -- cajunokie --- for yourself.

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If you would take away everything that a black man contributed to the USA, the USA would not exist today. Blacks did what they had to do to survive and if that meant acting like clowns to feed their kids than they did. It is the foolishness of blacks today that continue to compare themselves to whites as if White people are gods. We as blacks have lost all since of morality trying to act like whites. There is nothing pure are supurb about the white people. From what I have observed the majority are murderers, moldesters, animal rapers,ignorant, uneducated, zombie looking creatures. They can associate anything as simple as watermelon to a black person and a black person will avoid it like a pleague, but whites continue to eat watermelon, chicken, and nothing is said. Oh by the way the last President was a drunk, uneducated, and stupid. But if that was a black man, he would have been tagged as the typical black man. All the white serial killers, All the White people that have stoled, all the drugged up white celebrities (Steven Tyler on AI for one, and Hugh Hefner that makes a living off of screwing white underage women and nothing is said and made of it, he only becomes richer. Blacks are always looking for the white man to put his stamp of approval on them. Wake up They never will as long as you have no respect for yourselves.

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1 reply to Donna's comment
Shelia Rene

Thank you Donna!!!!!

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Robert McKinley


February 04 2011 at 7:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply